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First Aid Training Saves Lives

Take our award-winning blended learning course featuring online
simulation learning, which combines web-based learning with an in-person skill session to help prepare you to respond to real-life emergencies. After you complete the online part, we will come to your site and facilitate your in-person skill
session. In-person skill sessions range from 30minutes to 1hour and 30 minutes depending on the components you're taking.
Note; classes able to be taken via blended learning are identified by *(BL).

Head Wound

First Aid (Class time 4hr) *BL

First Aid training includes recognizing the signs and symptoms and caring for sudden illness such as seizures, strokes, and heat or cold-related conditions. Recognizing and caring for injuries to muscles, bones, joints, as well as head, neck, and spinal injuries. How to control external bleeding is also covered. Identifying the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack or anaphylaxis and what to do in these emergency situations is
covered as optional course additions.

Adult CPR/AED (Class time 2.5hr) *BL

Teaches participants to recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac and breathing emergencies. Participants will learn what precautions to take when using an AED on a person in sudden cardiac arrest.

Infant and Child CPR/AED (Class time 3hr) *BL

Learn how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in infants and children. As part of your training, we show you how to use external defibrillators properly.

Additional Training Module:

Asthma Inhaler Training
- add 30min to class time and $50.00
to base fee.

Epinephrine Auto Injector Training
-add 30min to class time and
$50.00 to base fee.

Tourniquet Application Training
-add 30min to class time and
$50.00 to base fee.

Boodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Class time 1hr)

The Bloodborne Pathogens course covers; how they are spread, how to avoid exposure, and  what to do if exposed to these infectious materials. This course helps meet the requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. This certification is valid for one year.


BLS/CPR for Health Care & Public Safety (Class time 4.5hr) *BL

We offer a better Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers product at a better price. This training builds critical thinking, problem-solving, and team dynamics needed to drive better patients' outcomes. BLS/CPR is consistent with AHA Guidelines for CPR/DCC, covering breathing and cardiac emergencies, including adult, child, and infant CPR and AED.

Responding to Emergencies (Class time 20 hrs

Designed specifically for emergency response teams, this class provides a comprehensive set of skills that may enable you to save a life. You will be certified in both first aid and CPR/AED. Be prepared to respond to a variety of emergencies involving infants, children, and adults.

Babysitting (Class time 6.5hr)

The American Red Cross is the nation’s leader in babysitter training and will prepare you to be the best sitter in your neighborhood. In fact, 8 in 10 surveyed parents said they would pay more for a trained babysitter who is certified by the Red Cross. Start your babysitting business on the right foot and learn how to be a safe, professional, and reliable sitter.
 You  can also opt to get certified in First Aid and CPR/AED (good for two years).
With online and classroom options for all ages, The American Red Cross is the only choice in childcare education. Certification classes include a free digital certificate,  valid for two years, plus free access to digital learning materials.

Pet First Aid (Class time 4 hrs)

This three-hour fun class includes hands-on training, a video, and discussion. Instead of using live pets, we use artificial pet stand-ins for training. Our pet first aid class is limited to 20 students, and materials and certification are included in the $60 tuition. Topics covered will include:

• American Red Cross Canine First Aid & CPR
• Breathing & Cardiac Emergencies
• Preparing for Disasters
• Urgent Care Situations
• CPR & Choking
• Treating Wounds & Bleeding

• Poisoning
• Safely Restraining an Aggressive, Sick, or Injured Pet
• Snout Resuscitation
• Caring for Eye, Foot, & Ear Injuries
• Emergency Facilities

Remote CPR

 Wilderness and Remote First Aid (Class time 16hrs)

This course is designed for scouts and scout leaders, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone that works or spends time in remote environments. We teach advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional first responders may be far away. This training is based on the Boy Scouts of America wilderness training.

•Must be at least 14 years old and hold current adult CPR/AED certification.
•2 year zcertification

Core Skills:

• Head/Brain, Neck and Spinal Injuries
• Primary and Secondary Assessments

• Allergies and Anaphylaxis

• Hypothermia
• Burns
• Wound Infection
• Heat-Related Emergencies
• Altitude-Related Illnesses
• Bone and Joint Injuries
• Wounds

We believe that the quality and precision of care you will provide as a caregiver in a wilderness emergency is not only dependent on the quantity of training you receive but also in the quality of your practice sessions.
Practicing in an outdoor environment will build confidence in an outdoor environment, and where there is confidence, there is calmness. It takes calmness to provide quality emergency care, and quality care is what is required to save or sustain the life of a victim when help is hours or days away. We believe that outdoor skills need outdoor training, and this course combines outdoor training with scenarios that are as realistic as possible to prepare you to be the best that is possible.

The training scenarios make extensive use of moulage, including simulated blood, and are designed to be as realistic as possible.

Victims are trained to exhibit the appropriate level of pain intensity for each scenario and have been known to adapt to an observed weakness in the actions of the caregiver attending them.

Wear old clothing that will not be ruined if accidentally stained by simulated blood or other body fluids.

Emergency Response Graphic

Emergency Medical Response (Class time 60 hrs)

Tailored to the professional rescuer, the Emergency Medical Response course by the American Red Cross provides comprehensive training that gives the participant the knowledge and skills needed to perform lifesaving interventions on critical patients. The course provides the necessary tools for the rescuer to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize injury during out-of-hospital medical and traumatic emergencies while waiting for or alongside higher-level personnel at the scene. The curriculum meets and exceeds the requirements set by the National EMS Education Scope of Practice for an Emergency Medical Responder.

Core Skills:

• Performing a Primary Assessment
• CPR, AED, & Airway Ventilation
• Medical & Trauma Emergencies

• EMS Operations
• Pharmacological Intervention
• Training in Asthma & Anaphylaxis

• Training in Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
• C-collar & Backboarding, & More

• Highly Interactive Course Includes Hands-on, Scenario-Based Training

• Exceeds National EMS Educational Standards for Licensing

• Best Pricing in the Industry
• Two-Year Professional-Level Certification

Student-Friendly Materials Include:
• A Print Workbook That Helps Candidates Prepare for the National Registry Exam
• EMR Interactive, an Online Tool Offering Video Clips, Case Studies, & Other Activities to Reinforce Learning

OSHA 10 30 - Coming Soon

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Babysitter's Training Course

Babysitter's Training Course

**Nurses, daycare providers, and other professionals who need continuing education units to maintain their licenses or certifications can obtain CEUs through American Red Cross training. We are approved to award CEUs in preparedness, health, and safety courses.

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